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Second Studio

An advanced enterprise collaboration platform that combines robust design tools in a virtual reality environment with secure cloud-based collaborative capabilities and integrated 3D printing features.

In partnership with RotoLab, we have developed Second Studio, the brainchild of a team of architects and designers who spent two years developing the platform,  Second Studio fulfills a need for 3D enterprise grade design software for use in a variety of industries and applications.

Versatility is key. The platform features a multi-user VR workspace that augments workflow with virtual studios, intuitive tools to facilitate ideation and discussion, custom avatars to represent users, and public spaces for cross sector exchange. Its also scalable to suit a variety of design applications.

Its use of block-chain technology provides security, decentralization and version tracking so team members can monitor progress, and when needed, shift between applications without sacrificing productivity.

Visit the Second Studio website here


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