A multigenerational community of elders and students living, learning, and playing together within a context of teaching and learning.


We were commissioned to create a place for a multigenerational community of elders and students. It will be a place interface and exchange, where people will live and learn together.

An objective for Ontario Education Village was to create a place for teaching, learning, and mentoring in a social atmosphere that engenders the feeling of extended family. Pitzer College is renowned for the success of it's education mission of civic engagement and social justice. Their concept for this urban branch is for their students to be engaged in project based education living learning and caring for elders in real time. Conventional group 'territories' will be replaced by integrating elders and students apartments, dining, support facilities, and active landscapes. A variety of intimate common spaces will encourage anyone living here to share life experiences though storytelling and creative dialogue.

Located in the Southwest sector of Ontario's downtown district, it will be the genesis for a transformed district, integrating an urban landscape that will be used as semi-public gardens.


Ontario Educational Village

LINC Housing

Ontario, CA

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