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Hefei Performing 

Arts Center

Hefei, China

Heifei Performing Arts Center is conceived as an urban experience, and a great attractor for every generation.


There are 4 Performance Halls (theater, symphony, opera, black box), a Museum, and an Art Center. The performance halls are placed in relationship to each other to create the Grand Theater Plaza, which is glass covered, for outdoor informal theater and music.


The richness of musical, theatrical, and visual arts presented in the formal setting; inside, will be first experienced informally outside through the ordered and rhythmic and scaled relationships of the Architectural ensemble, on the site. A garden path connects The Grand Theater Center to the Art Center east of the public green.

proj_CHINA hefei_008_site plan perspecti
proj_CHINA hefei_011_entering small thea
proj_CHINA hefei_014_Entering O-overall
25 years of RoTo - all proj_Page_428.jpg
proj_CHINA hefei_007_Theatre Plan.jpg
25 years of RoTo - all proj_Page_421.jpg
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