Suzhou Garden


Suzhou, China​

A contemporary interpretation of a traditional garden villa, both functionally and aesthetically.

My experiences in Suzhou Gardens and the study of Chinese Arts, Music, and Mythology has given me a basic knowledge and insight that has guided us through a creative process that intentionally focused on the nature of traditions embedded in the classical Chinese Garden Villa, as we attempted to answer the following questions: 

"is it possible to transform traditional into contemporary concepts?"

"is it possible in a fast paced contemporary world to construct a metaphor of poetry, music, calligraphy, and painting in a garden villa for the 21st century?"

"is it possible to make a place that is conductive to solitude and communal life?"


We believe in all cases, yes, it is possible. The two concepts presented here are the first phase of our work in search of a Chinese Garden Villa for the 21st century.

Rendering A.jpg
Rendering C.jpg
Rendering B.jpg
roto sketch.jpg
Rendering D.jpg

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