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RoTo Architects is an international practice founded by Michael Rotondi, FAIA, an internationally recognized teacher and practitioner. RoTo Architects is based in Los Angeles.


Since its founding in 1991, RoTo Architects has worked with diverse groups and individuals including civic leaders in the public and private sectors, American Indians, Tibetan Lamas, commercial developers, artistic directors, education communities, land and wildlife conservationists, cultural curators, and many non-profit leaders on a wide array of projects of varying scope, complexity, and resources. We have learned the value of working collaboratively and the benefit of listening with open minds, heightened curiosity, and a sense of great purpose. We understand the necessity of sustaining the integrity of our clients long term vision while working in a short cycle world. With abundant optimism and advanced skill sets, weve learned that limited resources, aggressive schedules, and conflicting objectives can be a source of innovative thinking and lead to inventive outcomes.

Through many years of experience and broad expertise, we try to approach each project with fresh eyes and a resilient mind, knowing that each project has different parameters and constraints based on their environmental, social, cultural, and economic contexts. Weve learned how to work efficiently and effectively at a pace that meets these aggressive schedules but in a way that allows us to anticipate the unexpected with beneficial outcomes.

Our diverse portfolio of work spans architecture as a discipline. This includes medical clinics and research labs, restaurants, retail spaces, and private residences. We cherish the opportunity to work with the land and develop masterplans for wildlife and land conservation. Through our teaching at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), Arizona State University, and other leading institutions, we cultivate research that is developed through our initiatives and influences our projects.

This work exemplifies our capacity to see to the center of any problem, work at any scale, and synthesize complex systems into a coherent and high-performing whole.

Our Team Leader, Michael Rotondi, brings trans-disciplinary interests and knowledge to every aspect of a project and filters it through the conceptual and practical lens of what it takes to realize a project. Michael has long-standing experience in both enterprise and academia, leading large teams with creative and technical knowledge and expertise, which was evident some years ago as the Director of SCI-Arc with its international faculty and student body.


Michael is supported by a diverse staff of design and research practitioners, collaborators, and partners that together allow RoTo Architects to produce the unique solutions which it has become known for.

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