RoTo Initiatives


Our initiatives expand our practice through mission focused collaborations with world renowned studios, thought leaders, and professionals.


We focus on design innovation across Architecture, Engineering, and Construction.


We combine specialty consulting with the development of new tools and technologies for the advancement of the architectural discipline.


Architecture is a platform for cross-sector education, research, and development.

Design for Wellbeing

Beyond Retail

Affinity Space


Design for Wellbeing

A holistic design consultancy applying the built environment to promote occupant wellbeing. Incorporating geometry, science and awareness, our design process blends ancient wisdom with the latest research and standards to create spaces, tools and programming that support balance in external and internal environments.

Restorative buildings & environments

Strategic & intuitive masterplanning

Sustainable & resilient design

Immersive experiences & installations

Workshops & lectures

Beyond Retail

At a time when malls are cutting costs we provide a practical solution by combining tried and true methods of commercial programming with new concepts carefully selected to achieve the following goals:

Increase foot traffic and repeat visits

Incorporate new demographics

Improve tenant retention

Showcase emerging trends in experience based retail

Provide new retail mix concept incorporating learning


Affinity Space

Our conception of Affinity Space was first and foremost a place. A network of physical locations in support of STEAM learning through community building, access to equipment and technology, mentorship, and informal learning through immersive entertainment experiences.



RoTo Architects sister company was conceived as a place to deepen research, both pure and applied, to the projects we explored in school.


RotoLab is a solution engine from the world of architecture and design, and applies the architectural mind to solve wicked problems outside of traditional architectural practice. Its solutions focus on unique, real-world projects for the future of work, play, learning and wellbeing.