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Liberty Wildlife Rehabilitation Foundation
Phoenix, AZ

Liberty Wildlife, a leader in wildlife protection in Arizona, is a non-profit organization that treats, rehabilitates, and releases native Arizonian wildlife including avian species, mammals, and reptiles.


The new 30,000 square foot facility will feature a rehabilitation center for injured wildlife, with a specialty in Avian / Raptor wildlife. The complex includes an ICU, triage center, treatment rooms, rehabilitation flight enclosures (birds destined for release), and long-term care facilities (orphanage and teaching).


All of the support facilities are shared with the Phoenix Zoo. LW was founded by the Zoo's Chief Veterinarian, an Avian / Raptor Specialist. This will be the first of several on-site affiliations (on unused Zoo property) with wildlife non-profits.

To inform and educate the public and potential donors, there will be an administrative and visitor's center as a part of an expanded educational area which includes classrooms, auditorium, and workshops. This educational zone will be multi-media/interactive, ranging from analogue to digital and intentionally encourage "slow looking", to compliment an interactive trail that will move through the Wildlife Center for visitors to view educational animals, the aviary, eagle feeding station, and staff library/research/lab rooms.

This important expansion will allow Liberty Wildlife to increase the number of animals they treat, which annually number roughly 5,000, and enhance their education programs.

Model & Site Plan

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