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BOXx City

Employing a modified shipping container as a basic building block for a marketplace, school, research facilities, offices.

BOXx City is a proposal with two major objectives. First, it will revive underperforming retail-commercial properties by attracting more people, for more reasons, who will stay for more time, and secondly it can unlock the inherent value in undeveloped land. The combined activities of the existing and new facilities would be symbiotic. Each would be complimentary, not competitive. This is a cure.

There are tens of million of used shipping containers stored near all of ports in the United States, and they are available for purchase, in great quantities. They are inexpensive and structurally as strong as a high rise building. They are easy to retrofit with the basic utilities and necessities for a variety of uses, including retail, entertainment, recreation, sports, and food.

The container units would be modified in a factory to fit the specific uses and to the specifications of a particular brand. These units would be deployed to a site by rail or highway and craned into place. The overall site plan configurations of the box village can be varied to fit the existing site conditions. One of the key strategic aspects of the new site plan will be to connect the mall or shopping center more directly to the parking areas and the adjacent city (in some cases) increasing access and flow into the existing mall.

Deployment will be quick. Immediately after the site is prepared, the containers will be delivered and put into position and be ready for operations in approximately one third the time it would take to produce convention buildings.

Container Architecture Rotondi
Container Architecture Rotondi
Container Architecture Rotondi
Container Architecture Rotondi
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