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Vogt Creative Commons

Louisville, KY

An incubator city and a community for the development of the Arts, Sciences, and Humanities.

Vogt Creative Commons is a post-industrial commons and a community for the integrated creative workforce sector.

This existing 50 acre urban industrial site, at the geographical center of the metro-Louisville, will be transformed into an active part of the city for the first time, socially, culturally and economically. A controlled access site will be completely permeable so the space of the city and its’ citizens can filter through. It will become an incubator city, a post-industrial commons, and a community for the integrated creative development of the Arts, Sciences, and Humanities, co-inhabiting with artisan-craft manufacturing and botanical research and organic agrarian housing. Civic Leadership of Louisville, a city of approximately one million, has constructed over many years, the full range of Arts and Culture Facilities and programs equal to many first tier cities. What we discovered in our period of due diligence, there were no provisions for growing 'the next generation of Artists and Innovators.'

The core principles framing the vision of these civic leaders is that sometimes unstated but, always implicit notion a turn to the everyday will bring art and life closer together, arts and cultural production institutions are aspirational urban agents, and artists and innovators are a driving force for change. 

VCC will be engaged in both pure and applied research under the umbrella of a public-private partnership between business, civic arts, government and the Universities of Kentucky and Louisville).  In contrast to the trends of demolition and erasure, the site, rich both in physical memory and cultural history, is being treated as an asset both to the neighborhood and to the city. Intentionally, projecting that this concept could serve as a prototype to other similar sites in Louisville and along the Ohio River, we addressed the post-industrial transition to knowledge and creativity 'industries' as the genesis for renewal and growth on an underutilized and undervalued urban site. This is a common problem for first and second tier urban-rural cities. In addition we explored ways to address the urban-rural dialectic.

2 M SF Land
1 M SF Existing Buildings
1.5 SF Buildings existing + new

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VOGT Farm Rendering.jpg
VOGT Site Plan 1.jpg
VOGT Aerial Drawing.jpg
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