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Tait Ranch

Frazier Park, CA

Tait Ranch, conceived and operated by S.E.A., will be used as a camp, conference center, leadership institute, park, farm, cafe, market, research center, and school.

Land as varied and unique as Tait Ranch has many natural assets, most significantly its location, natural terrain, and water. The objective of an environmental and land use planning study parallel to a concept design proposal will be to identify these assets and propose ways to unpack their intrinsic value for the long and short-term benefit of SEA, the community it serves, and neighbors in Frazier Park. 

The S.E.As objective with this unique development is to construct intertwined  educational, communal, and  business models that are integrated into a generative, self sustaining revenue streams. The programs proposed for the site serve SEAs mission, including project-based formal and informal learning that can lead to micro-degrees and certificates, and incubate small businesses that produce potential revenue streams to re-invest into the Ranch.  
Master-planning, environmental and land-use planning, community hub & resource, education, multi-use space, social responsibility


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Container Architecture Rotondi
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Container Architecture Rotondi
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