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Rancho Cienega Sports Complex

Los Angeles, CA

Rancho Cienega Sports Complex is a renewed regional sports complex updated with new ball courts and a swimming pool.

A city as dense and intense as Los Angeles and with a diverse population needs a network of open lands, parks, playgrounds, and active sports facilities, to give people time to participate in team sports, exercise, and commune with others. Rancho Cienega Sports Complex will serve that purpose.


This renewed Complex will continue to play a critical role in the regional recreational network of open lands, parks, and playgrounds. The 29 acre park will be upgraded with new sports fields and courts and updated with a new basketball gymnasium, indoor swimming pool, and support facilities. The pool and the gym will open to courtyards for gatherings and informal exercise. The building is organized with a central control reception point for convenience and ease of monitoring the entire facility. This scheme is designed for ease of operating and maintaining. 


RCSC 1.jpg
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RCSC plan and elevation.jpg
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