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Hollywood Park

Hollywood, CA

YMCA Hollywood Park and Sports Center and Parking Structure is a private and public partnership to provide communal facilities for local citizens.

This multi-purpose complex will serve the City, private landowners, and the YMCA. The Y will expand its programs and play places to attract a wider demographic while providing a park for the neighborhood and commercial facilities to earn income. In partnership with the city and adjacent property owners, the plan is to build a 400 car parking structure (four levels) with a rooftop park for active sports, and two new buildings. One will be a teen and senior center, restaurant, and another will be a sports research laboratory where athletes, scientists, engineers and designers converge to develop the key performance insights that improve health practices and athletic performance. The two multi-story buildings bookend the structure and park/athletic fields and connect the street to the upper field.

SARTT West Face Exterior 02 Afternoon B.
Y Park Birds Eye with Dog Park
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SARTT West Face Exterior 01 Twilight.jpg
Y Park East and West Elevations.jpg
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