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VIDEO : SCI-Arc Media Archives (1977)

"Michael Rotondi begins with a short history of Morphosis, demonstrating a link between the firm's organization and work. He presents a proposal for a school based on the concept of change. Areas are designated as "in flux" and organizing objects are movable to reflect changing uses. He presents a housing project in Mexico. He discusses some of the issues unique to building in Mexico that they encountered in the process."

"Michael Rotondi continues his lecture, discussing a multi-family housing project and a medical facility, both in Mexico. He comments on the need to find tradeoffs to minimize the budget while adding elements that they felt were important. He presents an office complex in Sacramento in which a main intent was to promote new activities while encouraging existing activities in the neighborhood. Rotondi then goes through additional projects including a the 2-4-6-8 House studio addition in Venice Beach, and his son, Ben."


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