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Conversations : SCI-Arc Vertical Studio, F20 : Pt 4

The Conversation Series

Transcripts of recordings between Michael Rotondi and colleagues in architecture and academia,

taken from video meetings. The dialogue has been lightly edited for text format.

With Prof. Max Underwood, Architect and Presidents Professor at Arizona State University
October 15, 2020

Michael Rotondi : Yesterday I was in one of the really good worlds that the TA that I had this summer working on this thing – Andy – made. It has so many interesting things, that instead of following him, I just kept on going. He invented these shoes that you could put on, and it's like Flubber shoes – but sparks come out of them, and you can climb up mountains.

Max Underwood : Oh I like it. I like it.

MR : Your legs could go and hit the side of a canyon, and you could walk through – anyway, I got really carried away and I just kept going and going and going. And then finally he says, ‘Where are you Roto?’ And I said, ‘I got no idea!’ And then I got, with these shoes, onto a hoverboard.

MU : Oh well, there's your problem!

MR : And then, I don't know where I was. I went out into the ocean and then finally I just said, ‘OK, we're not going to find each other. I'm just going to leave my guy here.’ And so I went back to SCI-Arc, and for the rest of the afternoon, instead of putting my character in the game, I just streamed with them.

MU : Yeah, that's the best thing to do.

MR : My character is still in his world, I think.

MU : He'll have to find it.

MR : Maybe they have to put a device on me like Find My iPhone.

200825 VS F20 Second Studio Syllabus
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