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Los Angeles, CA

A 100-seat restaurant in the atrium of a high-rise in downtown Los Angeles.

Nicola is a restaurant and food service operation in a 52-story high-rise in downtown Los Angeles serves contemporary food with ethnic influences.  The public dining area on the ground floor is divided between a 1700 sq. ft. interior space (including rest rooms, kitchen, and service areas) and a 900 sq. ft. area in a six-story high, glass-enclosed public atrium space.


One of our objectives was to remedy the irregularity of the shape of existing spaces and the separation of the two dining areas. To create spatial continuity and perceptual coherence, the new design begins with the classical ordering systems (circles, radial lines, and symmetry) at the base of the existing high-rise. The new order is the progeny of the existing. Through the experimental and efficient use of woodwork, metal, stone, and color, the new space was given form. It is one overall space with five dining areas. The RoTo team, which included branding/graphic design, color, and industrial design, were responsible for architecture, furniture, dinnerware, and printed material. 

SIZE: 1800 SF

         100 SEATS

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