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Kate Mantilini Restaurant

Beverly Hills, CA

Our client, Marilyn Lewis, wanted "A roadside steakhouse for the future, a 'Social equalizer,' with a clock."


A hybrid cafe/restaurant/diner was placed in a nineteen-fifties bank building on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills.


Rather than merely renovating the interior, we created an active thick wall engulfing the old frame, and designed on a four-person booth increment, viewed as "Still paintings," from the street. An oculus was cut into the ceiling, and into that oculus a notionally kinetic orrery was placed. This metal construction describes the plan of the building on the floor.


A curving wall over the long bar and kitchen area depicts—at the request of the client—the pre-war fight promoter for whom the restaurant was named.

SIZE : 12,000 SF

KMT_PL_01-l - Copy.jpg
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