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Newark, CA

The new geographical and tech-epicenter to Silicon Valley.

Newpark Mall, built in 1972, was once a thriving shopping center. There were no competitors, no longer the case.  Newpark is essentially dead. Newpark has the potential of being the first civic center, with a civic scaled piazza, in Silicon Valley. It can become the geographical epicenter in a place where there is none.

It proposes to be a great social attractor with its 1.5 mile ring park, kept green through gray water remediation, a piazza named San Siliconé, and a full set of activities and uses: government, civic, commercial, residential, and recreational, that complement a year around consumer electronics and digital media expo, digital media research and development studios, a cinema showcase for state of the art CG movies, and distributed retail, and a small convention hotel.


The existing property will be transformed in four phases, beginning with the parks, which will be used for recreation and environmental bio-remediation.

To revive Newpark Center, it must radically change its purpose. To start, it is a land asset surrounded by a city that has grown around it over 40 years. It is no longer a sub-urban condition. This proposal is to create a microcosm of a much denser city, in anticipation of the increasing density around it. It will be contiguous to the city becoming a central attractor, creating a real civic center. Investment strategies will have time horizons to facilitate flexible growth responding to uncertain markets. What is certain are the large numbers of people that populate these expos in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

CLIENT : General Growth

SIZE : 70 acres

NP_11OFFICE TOWER sketch.jpg

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