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Los Angeles, CA

In partnership with RotoLab, we have developed a scalable (10-30k sf), hybrid reality social space that combines informal learning with recreation and research for 3 generations of learners.

Affinity Space is comprised of multi-modal programming proven by neuroscience to accelerate learning, and support brain health. Curated from entertainment, enterprise, technology, and health and wellness, this specific programmatic diversity is intended to promote personal development and informal learning through the transfer of knowledge and experience between users and activities.

Affinity Space is supported by a firm foundation of digital infrastructure. Through its membership platform members are able to complete quests leading to mastery of specific skills, join alliances in competition with groups at Affinity Spaces across the world, share content, and earn tokens to be used on premium amenities such as the climbing wall, or robotics lab.

SIZE : 10,000 - 30,000 SF

Visit the site to learn more. 

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