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In partnership with RotoLab, we designed a scalable, 20-60 acre multi-purpose facility focused on r.c. vehicles and drones for recreation, research, co-working, conference, learning and games.

Affinity Park is a destination where hobbyists and competitors can operate radio-controlled vehicles and drones. They can also come here to learn how to operate, build, and innovate on the technology. This park can accommodate fixed wing and quad-copter type aircraft, and every type of on and off-road vehicles as well as watercraft, for beginners, intermediate, and experts.

AP also operates as a co-working space, incubator and research park for drone related start-ups and research laboratories. Affinity Park includes several gamerspaces distributed though out, designed to act as a point of convergence between hobbyists and researchers to foster dialogue, informal education ideation, innovation, in support of entrepreneurs.

SIZE : 20 - 60 ACRE

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