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View Silo House

Livingston, MT

The client wished to be above the sky’s horizon to experience the phenomenology of the sky by "climbing up to it."


The View Silo House in Livingston, Montana, with 360-degree views of the Yellowstone River, built by RoTo Architects in 2001.

The site consists of fourteen acres at the edge of the cobbled alluvial fan of the Absoroka Mountains, and the house sits on the edge of the only sheltering feature in a valley famous for its winds, Marlboro country views, and storms.

After searching for a silo to reclaim, we opted to create a new view silo. The view silo was designed to occupy the smallest practical footprint of earth and the narrowest possible sliver of sky. The building tapers and appears to twist in a form generated in a mirroring of the ancient Yellowstone River bank. The 1,500 sf program is organized vertically.

SIZE: 1,500 SF


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