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Streams of 
Sacramento, CA

This vision seeks to empower local businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, and communities to make the local changes they need for themselves by providing a strong foundation in cultural infrastructure. 

We intend to covert these failing commercial corridors into Cultural Corridors by introducing key programming such as market spaces, kitchens, gardens, and live-work spaces to be tailored to each location based on our research in each neighborhood’s identity and individual challenges. 

Each of these Cultural Corridors will become a node in a network of spaces built around the Sunrise Mall for which we will propose a scheme to transform it and the surrounding area into the central hub of the Farm to Fork economy complete with urban farms, restaurants, and learning centers.

As Sacramento is poised to become the leader in nutrition and natural dining options, so too is it on the verge of becoming a center for new advances in transportation and mobility. We believe that mobility is not only about efficiency, but rather about creating opportunity for transformative experience to occur en route. Because of this we believe that there is great value in historical forms of mobility, specifically in a region that has such strong historical ties to its railroads, waterways, and more recently its bicycle paths. 

We propose a plan to work towards the activation of these historical models of mobility to get people out of their cars, and interacting with the world around them via train, boat, and bicycle on a network of routes connecting the Cultural Corridors we have created with themselves, and the communities that require them.

This new mobility network in turn provides the opportunity for economic development along its routes by entrepreneurs and existing business through the creation of bike thru or boat thru dining, farm stand and farm site shopping, learning experiences, and the programming and operation of a calendar of events and experiences that travel from one Cultural Corridor to the next, connecting communities and sharing experiences.

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