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Still Points


A place for solitude in the midst of a busy school environment.

Still Points was an installation of SCI-Arc in the early part of 2004. It consisted of 40 parallel planes of "fabric" 12 ft. high by 25 ft. wide with 14 in. apart. There were three principle objectives: to be an alternative to the solid objects that preoccupy us as architects, to be experienced as both a cave (earth space) and a tent (sky space), entering from the "ground above" down a ladder and into a long "carved" centralized "egg shaped" room and to represent idea and experience as discrete and equal. From above, the multiple layers that make the spaces are visible, but the experience of the spaces is not known until one enters them.

Solitude and community are equally essential in a creative institution and in society at large. In solitude, we "cry for a vision" and in turn, the insights revealed and brought back into the larger world, simultaneously renewing one and many.

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