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SYLLABI : SCI-Arc Fall '19 - Leaping Across Disciplinary Silos

VS f19 : Leaping Across Disciplinary Silos

Vertical Studio Syllabi

By Professor Michael Rotondi, FAIA

Professor : Michael Rotondi

TA : Anna Kudashkina


_The Future of Learning

_The Future of Work


Learning how to surf disruption in a time of radical change as you invent a life.


What if game worlds and real worlds merged?


Play is a pretext to learning.

Learning is primarily informal and life-long

We must learn in ways that prepare us for jobs that don’t yet exist,

If technology can put men out of work, then we can invent how to put them back to work

The 21st century is an age of de-centralization, interconnectedness, and invention


curiosity a relentless attraction to anything unfamiliar

imagination combines observation and fantasy

intellect learning agility and growth mindset, intentional action

creativity ability to apply imagination to intellect


project 1

Escape Room a time travel portal for Leonardo da Vinci, and a live action puzzle game for informal active learning about invention and to gain insight into his process.

project 2

Leo’s Labs research and development workshops (abstract and applied) for cross-sector collaborators to work on selected, seminal, 15th C inventions, reinvented with 21st C science and technology.


The twenty-first century is a world in constant change.

The twenty-first century is one of constant and inevitable change, radical, disruptive, and