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RoTo Sketches: MOCA Series

In 2013, the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art hosted an exhibition looking back on 25 years of Southern California architecture at their MOCA Geffen Contemporary branch in Little Tokyo. The exhibition featured approximately 75 of Michael Rotondi's sketches and drawings, done with a variety of book types and mediums, spanning the years of 1982 to 2013 and covering a broad selection of work and ideas from that time.

75 slides (click to expand)

"Los Angeles is a city of continual reinvention - a city in a perpetual state of becoming, always looking for its future. Unconstrained by a singular historical or institutional orthodoxy, the city promises a creative environment free from the traditional hierarchies that limit individual expression and experimentation. Unfettered by convenient guideposts or easy definitions, Los Angeles engenders a pervasive drive toward redefinition and reification. The city offers both a freedom and a heterogeneity that challenge the connections and collisions that typically forge multiple creators into a coherent cultural or civic identity." - A New Sculpturalism: Contemporary Architecture From Southern California


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