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RoTo Sketches: Single Cards (2020-present)

Michael Rotondi has practiced and taught architecture locally and internationally for over forty years, always operating from his base in Los Angeles. Digitizing these sketchbooks is a process that stretches back to the late 70s and early 80s, through the early days of SCI-Arc (Arch. '75, Director 1987-1997) and seminal projects from Morphosis (1975-1991) and RoTo Architects (1991-present) up to more recent times. The online archive, to be updated and added to periodically, includes selections of scans from the collection, descriptive texts, and audio recordings discussing the books and their contents.


For the past forty years, these custom single index cards have been a quick and easy format for recording thoughts. The following sketches are selections from the past five years (2020-present), and are categorized here into four sections: 1) Hypothetical/Visual Notes/Play, 2) Time, 3) Current Projects, and 4) Teaching/Writing/SCI-Arc.

Hypothetical Sketches / Visual Notes/Play

60 slides (click to expand)

Time (all)

53 slides (click to expand)

Current Projects

46 slides (click to expand)

Teaching / Writing / SCI-Arc

41 slides (click to expand)


Leather-bound index card "book" with finished sketch to the left (card stock, vellum, ink, colored pencil) and blank cards to the right

Selection from the exhibition "It's About Time" at Brand Library and Art Center, 2023


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