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A facility for city government agencies that provides city services and local commercial-retail as an additional social attractor, with a large flexible grand public courtyard space for the community gatherings for markets, outdoor cinema, civic events, socializing and exercise classes.

The Pacoima Neighborhood City Hall provides city services and creates a grand public space in one of the oldest neighborhoods in the northern San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles.


This new complex supports the neighborhood with city services and a district council office, serves the expanding commercial district, provides civic spaces for community participation in governance and recreation, and offers additional neighborhood parking. The building mass, placed along the two perimeter streets, is configured to shape a large interior courtyard, a communal public space used by all ages on a daily basis.


The buildings transparency is symbolic and practical. All of the interiors has natural light throughout the day. Roof overhangs and vertical screen walls are calibrated to modulate and balance the daylight throughout the day. The literal transparency and lightness is intended to symbolize a more accessible City government to its local citizens. The site is 38,000 square foot with a 15,000 square foot building complex, public plaza, and gardens with an outdoor cinema, and 21,000 square foot subterranean parking. 



City Hall

Pacoima, CA

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