Leon Max​


West Hollywood, CA

Mr. Max, "What if Architecture, on a busy and visually active street, could prompt people passing by, to take a momentary pause with a sense of wonder and curiosity, to see a façade shifting from matter to light as the day passes into night."


The original character of the existing building had been disfigured through numerous remodels over 50 years. The architecture had lost its' integrity and the geometry of the spatial volume had become incoherent.


Our objectives were two-fold, to restore the original building to the qualities of its historical precedent by combining old and new via a reinterpretation of tradition in a contemporary manner, and to provide an interior showcase evolving out of the founder's product passion.


Architectural elements, starting with the iconic historic dome, vaulted ceiling, columns, and geometric order are central to the design concept. From the exterior the Architecture is brought to the interior. This imbues the space within the store with a sense of permanence and purity that reflects the quality of the brand's products.

SIZE : 2,300 SF

Leon Max Retail Architecture West Hollywood Rotondi