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Hyperion Apartments
Silverlake, CA

A fifteen-unit complex with street level rental spaces for local enterprises on one of the busiest connector streets in the district. It will have four levels above and one below the street (parking). This will be the first development for a father and son who have been a part of this community for two generations.

This is a linear site on a sometimes busy and noisy street with densely packed units, that aspires to be garden apartments filled with light, for people likely to continue a hybrid work situation but with a desire for leisure and friendship. Public space is important to residents in this community, having always been a neighborhood filled with creative folk dating back to the founding of Disney Studios here. A large rooftop commons area and a garden courtyard will serve this need. The full-length street wall will be a sound/privacy wall with apertures with framed viewports and light transfer inward by day and outward by night. The street level commerce will be shared by unit dwellers and local residents.

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