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New York, NY

A proposal for a place of recollection, exchange and renewal. ​

Things change continuously at a frequency and rate that are generally comprehensible, intellectually and emotionally. Sometimes things change so radically in unexpected ways there is no possibility of returning to our original position.

This can be a positive thing. Tragedy brings us closer together at all scales of society. Our collective survival instinct is a great social equalizer, after 9.11.01 for a while, but this time, it can be different.

People are talking to friends and strangers about how they feel and what they think. The full spectrum of emotions mixes with a broad range of intelligence to discuss and debate a most fundamental aspect of our existence: the line that separates humanity from inhumanity. This must continue indefinitely, and Ground Zero / New York City should be the place.

At the invitation of the Max Protech gallery, we developed this scheme.


The site of the World Trade Center has become the newest member of an exclusive set of places that are permanent records of a tragic human event of great magnitude.

Our proposal is for a place of both recollection, exchange and renewal. This can happen in solitude or community. On the day 9.11 and time 8:41 am, thousands will gather. The precise time will be marked by an 'eternal flame' (sun) filling an aperture in one of the buildings.

There will be four tenant groups in the innermost layer of the new buildings, broadly and loosely defined as 1,2,3,4. A World Citizens Conference Center to be accessible to everyone for:


1 Learning and teaching through formal and informal exchange formats

2 conflict resolution

3 A World Conference of Religion and Wisdom traditions and world organizations working on Humanitarian issues

4 Commercial service organizations that facilitate global humanitarian work

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