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Process: PD(x)

Since founding RoTo Architects in Los Angeles in 1991, Michael Rotondi has led diverse projects that include restaurants, retail spaces, and private residences both locally and internationally. Taking a closer look at projects from across forty years, these process books span the time between conception and creation - from sketch to renders and beyond - providing a deeper glimpse into an integrative process that combines constant trans-disciplinary learning and adaptation with realization and practice. "Our approach is to know the place, the people, the resources, and then the architecture emerges. Life gives Form to Architecture."


A strategic and regenerative urban plan for a downtown district. This district has a high vacancy and diminishing social attractors with limited economic base. Adjacent Portland State University faculty and alumni desire innovative workspace and streets to gather and play music. What if under-utilized (and low-cost) rooftops, parking structures, and parking lots and parks became the mecca for a commingling gig workforce, in an art, science, and media based economy ?


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