Boys & Girls Club

Hollywood, CA

The club has served the children of Hollywood for 75 years. The facility will make it possible to enlarge its member base with this new teen center. The building will also give the teens their own sense of identity. The program being larger then the site, will be filled with a new gymnasium, learning center, dance/exercise studio, cafe and lounge, reception-office, and a roof deck facing the mountains and the Hollywood sign to the north. The entire building will be filled with balanced natural light all day, this will eliminate glare and shadow.

The main body of the building is lifted to provide playground and parking. The 2 biggest box volumes create one volume with split-levels used for the main activities, including gymnasium and dance.

The interior openness allows a limited number of staff to see almost everywhere within set positions. Materials will be concrete, masonry, steel structure, metal skin, glass, and wood floors.

SIZE : 12,000 SF

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