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Tempe, AZ

ASU University, originally conceived as a campus with conventional boundaries, is being re-conceived as an embedded part of the city, in every way: physically, academically and culturally.

RoTo Architects worked with Arizona State University on a vision plan for the West Gateway of the ASU campus in downtown Tempe. The 10 acre site will become a gateway to the city, spatially and programmatically. The College of Business, Fine Arts and Architecture, will be intermixed with civic and commercial activities. The creative process of programming, design, and quantity surveying was seen as a prototypical model of the new initiatives of trans-disciplinary intra-collegiate working relationships.

The objectives of this vision plan, undertaken at the request of the President, were several:


  1. To hybridize civic and academic facilities and uses

  2. To create an active 24 hour, live-learn-work environment

  3. To create an academic free zone, to stimulate trans-disciplinary projects and learning-teaching.


CLIENT : ASU – Michael Crow, President

SIZE : 10 acres

3 Colleges

300,000 SF

1200 Cars

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