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Venice III

Venice, CA

A small house added onto an existing one in a dense urbanized part of Los Angeles.


The  building consists of three articulated parts. The largest element is a rectilinear volume containing the work area on the ground level and a bedroom above. The second piece, which runs along the northern edge of the first, is a long, thin space, containing a dressing room on top of a library. The third element has three compartments.


These parts transform themselves from mere skylights to a skylight over a two story volume to a small, semi-attached rear building that includes a future kitchen, a bathroom and a deck.  The addition was conceived of as a prototype for a scaled-down urban house for a small family on a restricted urban lot.


The character and the physical organization of the new structure allow it to operate as a separate area as an extension of the existing house, as a separate area to be used for members of an extended family, and a separate dwelling that could be rented or sold. The addition is made of concrete slab, wood frame, asphalt shingle walls and metal wall panels.

SIZE : 850 SF


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