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Sunrise Farm + Preserve


SFH+P is a food focused agrarian settlement, conceived as an informal learning hub and entrepreneurial cooperative, designed for wellbeing.


It will operate as a farm hub, nature preserve, wildlife sanctuary, research facility, and learning place, with bespoke hospitality. This place exists to grow, harvest, cook, eat, sell, transfer knowledge, and learn about farms-capes, and foods’ role in the formation and well-being of a resilient community of locals, nomads, travelers, and wildlife, on rural lands. People come here, to work cooperatively and learn collectively, as they unpack science in the fields, humanities in the kitchens and dining rooms, economics in the marketplace, and social ecosystems throughout. The conceptual drivers for our quest to conceive such a place, will be, regenerative farming, farm to table to fork, slow food, artisan craft, and circular economics.  



Sunrise Farm is a hypothetical project, based on ‘real’ factors, developed by RoTo Architects to explore the convergence of our design for wellbeing, beyond retail, and  education initiatives, with a focus on regenerative farming, agritourism, and bespoke hospitality.

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