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Silverlake Conservatory of Music

Silverlake, CA

SCM is a neighborhood organization dedicated to teach children and adults the value of music as they learn to play.


They asked RoTo to conceptualize a new home in the heart of Silverlake. The site at the corner of Sunset Blvd. and Santa Monica Blvd. is a gateway to the neighborhood. This concept is one creative scenario based on the following assumptions:


1. What if SCM was a gateway to the community?


2. What if SCM was on this site at Sunset Junction and all of the buildings were re-used?


3. What if the new building connected the existing buildings together so they could all become "Parts" of the Conservatory and teachers, students, staff, and visitors could easily move from one to the other?


4. What if the complex of buildings formed a campus, with outdoor spaces for gathering and music?


5. What if the corner were to become a semi-public plaza anchoring the neighborhood?


This concept is one way to answer these questions in a performative way. In this scheme, the life within SCM is evident, in various ways, to its neighbors passing by in automobiles and on foot. It is intended to be inviting to children and their families and to create a comfortable place to be an inspiring place to learn and teach music.

Size:                6000 SF New

                        7000 SF Reuse

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