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Sharjah Chinatown

Sharjah, U.A.E.

New town for a total population of 150,000 people, anticipated to be predominantly Chinese residents emigrating to Sharjah, UAE.


The new satellite city will include every thing necessary to grow and sustain a new sub-cultural community in a foreign country. Tourism will be a major part of the economic system as will electronics manufacturing, trading, and distribution of Chinese products. This intends to become a major nexus for Chinese middle eastern trade for this region.

Historically, principles of feng shui have been the basis for organizing new settlements of any size. This is a traditional belief and practice. They are the main attractor streets with most of the civic life anchored here. People, cars, trams, and monorail move through these long parkways filled with civic and there are two axis running perpendicular to each other bisecting the city.

Sharjah Chinatown Master Plan revision2-
small plan-avi.jpg
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