Bozeman, MT

A farm will be transformed into an active vital community while conserving 70 percent of the open land.

The Miller-Schaaf property consists of 135 acres remaining from larger agricultural holdings that have been increasingly subdivided as the city of Bozeman has expanded. Although the property is located within a mile of the center of the Montana State University Campus, and less than two miles from the center of Main Street and downtown Bozeman, it contains two branches of a healthy spring creek and a "dormant" wetland zone.  We have begun to design site specific dwellings and structures whose density and massing would complement the character of their place and the forms of the natural landscape, so as to remain largely hidden from adjacent portions of the site. We have also zoned the existing natural components of the land, as well as those to be reclaimed, such as the currently drained wetlands. 


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