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Haiti House

The Haiti Incremental House addresses 3 key aspects that will address the housing shortage in Haiti, finance, labor, material and time.

The earthquake killed 55,000 people and destroyed 250,000 houses. Rebuilding is slow because of limited resources and their distribution. As the local people wait for the government to do something they live in tents or makeshift structures. Many know how to build and could do the work if they had the material and tools. The biggest hurdle, for them, are the regulations and rules established by first world banks which make borrowing enough money to construct a house for $5-7000 impossible unless they have established credit. Even a credit worthy local who has been in the same job in the same location for 30 years can only borrow $1500 per year. 

We proposed to address this problem by conceiving a micro-finance / incremental borrowing and building model, combined with a do it yourself approach, and a partnership with the largest importer of material supplies and IFC, a local bank. The building material sector will bundle the materials in $1500 packets, available for purchase annually, with a set of instructions for semi-skilled DIY.  There are several strategies and house designs to choose from.   

SIZE : 100 SM

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