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Dubai Villa
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

With distinct areas for family life and entertaining, this private residence features outdoor living space with a pool, grotto and bar.

The Dubai Villa seeks to match all of the cultural expectations for the Dubai Hills development with regard to the scale and proportion of space while exceeding those expectations with detail and craftsmanship. From the grand living room, to the pool bar and lounge, grotto, and grounds, in every case the project was designed to curate exceptional experiences.

This project separates the private and family spaces from those intended for entertaining and exhibition by a canyon that breaks the form into two nearly separate masses. Each mass is shrouded with a perforated wrapper on the exterior and a wooden liner on the interior to clearly delineate the three layers of the envelope
s performative assembly.
210316_5 - Photo.jpg
R_24 - Photo.jpg
R_Central Stair copy.jpg
R_Service Kitchen Two.jpg
210115_Dubai Villa_Schematic Plans_work
210115_Dubai Villa_Schematic Plans_work
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