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Contemporary Craftsman

Los Angeles, CA

Our clients asked us to design them a forever home, with an interior courtyard and separate art studio in the heart of a historic part of Los Angeles.

Our objective was to design an authentic Architecture, compatible with the neighborhood, true to the principles of the local Preservation Plan, and keeping the Craftsman Aesthetic alive and vital in the present and into the future.

Alongside the clients, we sought to develop a concept that is respectful to its contributing neighbors while maintaining its own individuality and embodiment of both the historical style and style of the homeowners.

Project Specifics:

  • 2 Story Infill Residential

  • 1,800 sq. ft. Proposed Footprint

  • 820 sq. ft. Detached Garage 

  • 22% Total Lot Coverage

  • 15'-10" Setback 

  • 26 ft. Maximum Height

  • All windows, doors, and finishes to be historically accurate

SlopeView fi.jpg
Front Angle.jpg
AH House SitePlan.jpg
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