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800 E Edgeware

Proposed Project

Corky and Stella asked us to design them a forever home, a sanctuary for love and creativity, with an art studio in the heart of historic Angelino Heights.

Our objective is to design an authentic Architecture, compatible with the neighborhood, true to the principles of the Angelino Heights Preservation Plan, and keeping the Craftsman Aesthetic alive and vital in the present and into the future.

"We're coming back!"

Stella and Duke have lived in Angelino Heights not just once but twice! Then they both met Corky, fell in love and never looked back. Stella is a relationship coach, yoga therapist, and part-time mediator with the LA City Attorney's office. 

Originally a New Yorker, Corky has lived in LA since 1996. He was formerly head of design at ABC Television but left to work full time on his art. As a designer, artist, teacher, and craftsman, building this home will be sacred space for him to live and to work. 

Together, Stella, Corky, and Duke bring a powerful intention and positive energy to everything they touch. Not only are they passionate and caring individuals they are stewards of culture and tireless advocates in their community.

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A Sensitive Context

Working in a historic district is a daunting task. Developing a concept that is both respectful to its contributing neighbors while still seeking its own individuality and embodiment of historical style requires a team of experts with a long history of working in these particular circumstances.


This project began with input from Historical Preservation consultants John Ash (John Ash Group) and Teresa Grimes (Teresa Grimes | Historic Preservation). The current concept is the result of multiple working sessions with Lambert Giessinger (Preservation Architect at City of LA), Shannon Ryan (LA City Planning), and the Angelino Heights HPOZ Board.

Together we feel that this project follows the intention for infill residential set forth in the preservation plan, abides by all CC&Rs, and fulfills Corky and Stella's vision for their forever home.

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Project Specifics:

  • 2 Story Infill Residential

  • 1,800 sq. ft. Proposed Footprint

  • 820 sq. ft. Detached Garage 

  • 22% Total Lot Coverage

  • 15'-10" Setback from Edgeware

  • 26 ft. Maximum Height

  • All windows, doors, and finishes to be historically accurate

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