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An urban-industrial house and gallery, built as a centerpiece within a 20-acre artists' live-work district. The house was for a couple—an urban industrial recycler and builder, and an art collector.

This house was built by the owners with materials from their salvage yard. The architects and owners worked improvisationally and opportunistically within a pre-established spatial framework and a code of design-build.


The couple lived for some time in what was once an electric company cabling structure north of downtown Los Angeles. The stripped classical concrete and steel structure is surrounded by a yard that contains a collection of building materials and industrial artifacts collected from two generations of work and urban renovation. During that time the client/builder and his family have acquired considerable skill and experience in the renovation of large scaled industrial structures but prior to this project had not collaborated with an architect.

Industrial Loft Residence

  • Purchase includes license to construct one project per purchase. Complete design documents available in pdf. Editable CAD files available upon request.

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