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25 years of roto

1987: CDLT 1, 2 in Los Angeles, CA
An improvisational residence, uniting idea and construction, a house as a constructed daily journal.

1993: Nicola Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
A 100-seat restaurant in a high-rise in downtown Los Angeles with a glass-enclosed public atrium space.

1993: Dorland Mountain Arts Colony, Temecula, CA

A painter’s studio and retreat, conceived as a “tent”for working and a “cave” for sleeping.

1993: Gemini Learning Center, Morristown, NJ
A space to explore new ideas and ways of thinking about the world.

1992: Teiger Residence in Bernardsville, NJ
A house that feels traditional but looks contemporary, with continuous inner spaces but distinguishable areas.

1992: Carlson-Reges Residence, Los Angeles, CA An urban-industrial residence built with materialsfrom the owners’ salvage yard.

1993: Circolo Restaurant, Glendale, CA

A restaurant in Los Angeles.

1994: Sinte Gleska University, Rosebud, SD
A new campus and buildings for the first and oldest tribal university in the Americas.

1997: Warehouse C, Nagasaki, Japan
A private warehouse with a public rooftop promenade.

1994: "Urban Revisions"
Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA
A survey of a wide spectrum of urban living research.

1997: Miracle Manor Retreat, Desert Hot Springs, CA
A restored 8 room desert retreat, atop a hot water aquifer overlooking the Coachella Valley.

1997: Xiyuan Buddhist Monastery School, Suzhou, China

An extension of an existing historical garden and monastery, classrooms, study halls, apartments and mediation rooms.

2000: Miller-Schaff Wisdom Preserve, Bozeman, MT
A concept for re-purposing a farm, exploring alternative strategies to conventional subdivision land development.

2001: Liberty Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Scottsdale, AZ

A non-profit organization that treats, rehabilitates, and releases native Arizonian wildlifeu.

nicola restaurant

2001: World Citizen Center, New York, NY
A proposal for a place of recollection, exchange and renewal.

2001: Monte Argentario Agri-Resort Competition, Italy

A resort in Italy with three landscapes: the traditional Hill Town, the Pastoral and the Virgilian Landscape.

2001: Forest Refuge Buddhist Retreat, Barre, MA

A Buddhist retreat on a forested site designed as a total environment for intensive long-term meditation practice.

2001: Sacred Springs Native Culture Center University High School, Los Angeles, CA

A cultural center, museum and offices for local Tongva tribe.

2001: Lucibello-Confalone Spa, Valle dei Mulini

A resort in the Amalfi Valley in Italy.

2002: Joshua Tree House, Joshua Tree, CA
A residence in the unique landscape of Joshua Tree National Park, exploring various types of efficiency.

2002: Los Gatos House, Los Gatos, CA
A house on a large sloping site in California.

2003: Center for Art and Culture Competition, Hefei, China

Urban experience with performance halls, a museum,and an art center.

2003: View Silo House, Livingston, MT

A contemporary residence in Montana.

2004: Kohala Center, Kohala, HI
An independent, community-based center for research, conservation, and education.

2004: ASU West Gateway Vision Plan

Tempe, AZ
Plan for a gateway to a college campus in downtown Tempe.

2005: Pacoima Neighborhood City Hall, Los Angeles, CA

This new complex will support the neighborhood with city services, a district council office and civic social gatherings.

2005: Vogt Commons, Louisville, KY

An incubator city and a community for the development of the Arts, Sciences, and Humanities.

2002: Oak Pass House, Beverly Hills, CA
A residence in Beverly Hills designed around the various planes of the site to create a sequence of outdoor rooms.

2003: Filson Historical Society, Louisville, KY
Resource center for scholars, writers, teachers, and civic leaders.

2004: UCSD La Jolla Play Development and Education Center La Jolla, CA

Public-Private partnership for a regional playhouse,flexible “Black Box” theater, and education center.

2004: Cliffside House, Malibu, CA
A house designed as a set of three wooden pavilions above a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, with dramatic views.

2004: Ari Bhod Retreat, Tehachapi, CA

A four-story monument dedicated to global peace and harmony.

2005: Boys and Girls Club of Hollywood, Hollywood, CA

New teen center

2005: Architecture and Art Building, Prairie View A&M University, Prairie View, TX
New gateway to the campus, space for formal and informal learning.

2005: 100,000 Stupas Land of Medicine Buddha, Santa Cruz, CA

The architectural manifestation of the Buddha’s awakened mind,a terraced pyramid inspired by the Borobudur temple in Indonesia.

2006: Trade Talk Installation

A Kaprow Restrospective (MOCA), Los Angeles, CA   A collaboration with artists influenced by Kaprow.

2006: Madame Tussauds Hollywood, Hollywood, CA

An urban public space and museum for historical and contemporary people captured in wax portraits.

2009: IBN Batutta Mall, Dubai,

United Arab Emirates
A City Center with a full program of social and commercial activities, bracketed by arts, a catalyst for urban growth.

2010: LINC Housing , Ontario, CA

Housing for students, faculty, and elders, to live, work and play together within a context of teaching and learning.

2010: Conservatory of Music,

East Hollywood, CA

A new campus to facilitate basic music education incorporating new and existing buildings.

2010: Boxx City, Miami, Long Beach, Culver City, Silicon Valley

Employing a modified shipping container as a basic building block for a marketplace, school, research facilities, offices.

2011: Suzhou Garden Villa, Suzhou, China

A Chinese Garden Villa for the 21st century.

2011: Music In Architecture (AIM ; MIA), Austin, TX
A symposium on music in architecture that challenges the audience's relationship to performance space.

2012: Kalpa, Los Angeles, CA
A sculptural and performative installation with an enormous spotlight, Butoh dancers, and hundreds of spools of thread.

2015: Shaoxing Reserch Incubator,

Shaoxing, China
An incubator for a younger generation of entrepreneurial creative leaders.

2018: Channel 35 Television Studio, Los Angeles, CA

TV production and broadcast facility for the city of Los Angeles, housed within two historic buildings.

2018 : Belmont Beach Aquatic Center, Long Beach, CA

A Natatorium for recreational and competitive aquatics, sited on an iconic beachfront, a public urban place.

2018: Wolf Connection, Palmdale, CA
A youth education and empowerment program, within a sanctuary for rescued wolf-dogs.

SCI-Arc 1972 - Present

1972: Southern California Institute of Architecture, Los Angeles, CA

Michael Rotondi co-founded SCI-Arc under the direction of Ray Kappe.
He started and was the first Director of Graduate Programs (1978-1987) and for ten years (1987-1997) served as the second director of SCI-Arc.
He currently teaches as a Distinguished Faculty and is an Honorary Trustee.

2003: Still Points, Los Angeles, CA
An installation at SCI-Arc, a place for solitude in the midst of a busy school environment.

1973 - 1992 Morphosis Architects

1973: Sequoyah Educational and Research Center Los Angeles, CA
An educational space in Los Angeles

1976: Reidel Medical Office Building, Tijuana, Mexico A medical building in Tijuana.

1979: Flores Residence Addition,

Los Angeles, CA

A residence in Los Angeles.

1981: Cohen Residence, Los Angeles, CA

A residence in Los Angeles.

1982: Hermosa Beach Central Business District Hermosa Beach, CA

Urban design in California.

1984: Angeli Restaurant, Los Angeles, CA

A restaurant in Los Angeles.

1986: Cedars-Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Center Beverly Hills, CA

A medical building in Beverly Hills.

1986: Leon Max Clothing Showroom, Los Angeles, CA

A retail store in Los Angeles.

1987: J.P.G.A. Golf Club, Chiba, Japan

A commercial space in Japan.

1988: Reno House, Reno, NV

A residence in Reno.

1989: Emery Inter Arts Center, Cincinnatti, OH An art venue in Ohio.

1975: La Floresta Housing, Tijuana, Mexico Residences in Tijuana.

1978: Mexico House II: Tijuana, Mexico

A residence in Tijuana.

1981: Sedlack House, Los Angeles, CA

A residence in Los Angeles.

1982: Venice III Residence, Venice, CA

A residence in California.

1983: 72 Market Street Restaurant, Venice, CA A restaurant by the ocean in Los Angeles.

1984: Lawrence Residence, Hermosa Beach, CA A residence in California.

1986: Kate Mantellini, Los Angeles, CA

A roadside steakhouse for the future, a hybrid café / restaurant / diner placed in a 1950s bank building.

1987: Vecta Temporary Showroom: Contempo Casuals Retail Store, Westwood, CA

Retail in California.

1987: Lifeguard Tower,

Santa Monica Beach, CA

A structure on the beach in Santa Monica.

1988: Amerika-Gedenbibliothek, Berlin, Germany An educational space in Berlin.

1989: Arts Park Performing Arts Pavilion, Los Angeles, CA

A live arts venue in Los Angeles.


2006: Pinilla Academy, Pinilla,

Guanacaste, Costa Rica

A private school and an adjunct residential-commercial village.

1997: Performing Arts and Teaching Center Oglala Lakota College, Kyle, SD Classrooms 

A library and a black box theatre.

2011: Taiyun China Hotel, Taiyun, China

A concept for a luxury business hotel.