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VOGT Commons 2005 | Louisville, Kentucky

RoTo Architects worked with Vogt Industries on a new master plan to create the Vogt Industrial Commons in Louisville, Kentucky. On the 50 acre industrial site with a variety of buildings (1 M SF under roof) ranging from early 1900s warehouse and production spaces to more modern buildings outfitted with 30-60 ton cranes for heavy lifting, RoTo Architects addresses the post-industrial transition and the potential for renewal and growth as a problem common to underutilized and undervalued urban sites.

In contrast to the trends of demolition and erasure, the site, rich both in physical memory and cultural history, is being treated as an asset both to the neighborhood and to the city, as an incubator city, a post-industrial commons, and a community for the development of the Arts, Sciences, and Humanities, co-inhabiting with light manufacturing and botanical research and organic agrarian uses, and housing. Engaged in both pure and applied research under the umbrella of a public-private partnership between private business, civic arts, government and universities.